Nutrition Coaching

Kayla is amazing, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I first worked with her during a group-oriented sugar elimination diet, in which she provided awesome educational resources and suggestions to achieve healthy but realistic dietary habits. After this, I continued working with Kayla individually to tailor my diet to my own specific physical activities and fertility issues. I feel much better physically, but also mentally knowing that I now have the tools to continue these habits long into the future. Kayla is great at helping you design a program that makes sense for you and your personal lifestyle!

– Rachel K.

Before working with Kayla I was really struggling with exhaustion, depression and anxiety, yeast overgrowth, and just really having a hard time having enough energy to get anything done. I was taking prescriptions, going to counseling, trying to remove foods from my diet to help with the yeast, etc. Kayla's approach involved adding things to my diet rather than avoiding and restricting. This helped me so much, because one thing we realized looking at my food logs was that I wasn't eating nearly enough, and restricting the types of food was contributing to by vicious cycle of exhaustion and depletion. She helped me add better quality supplements, add better food routines into my life, and learn tools I needed to check in with myself. I feel so much better! I wish I had started working with Kayla while I was pregnant with my first baby! I didn't even know I was depleting myself, I thought I knew enough to make healthy choices, but could have avoided so much struggle if I had this support earlier in my journey as a mother. I would recommend Kayla to any and every pregnant/breastfeeding/postpartum mom, we all need this support to remember to take care of ourselves as we take care of our families.

– Devon N.

I was struggling with weight loss, poor energy levels, and I was starting to lose my breast milk. Since working with Kayla my energy and mood have gotten much better. I was significantly under eating before our work together. I have much more energy to be able to get through my long teaching days. I also significantly reduced my grazing habits. Now that I eat more balanced meals I don’t constantly feel hungry.

– Jill I.

I was so fortunate to find Kayla to help me not only in my breastfeeding journey but also to make sure my body was getting all of the nutrients it required! Kayla was amazing with our time zone difference, always making it so easy to be in touch and was so helpful, understanding, and dedicated to my health journey. We have focused mainly on my diet and gut health and I am so excited to continue making life long healthy decisions for not only me but for my family as well. Having someone you trust to ask questions to is such a game changer and I would definitely recommend Kayla to anyone!

– Allison R.

I was overwhelmed with where to start on my nutrition for fertility journey. I have also struggled with digestive issues and painful menstrual cycles for years. Kayla has been unique in her approach because she really wants to help me get to the root of what's causing my issues. Since working with Kayla I feel more confident and empowered when meal planning and choosing foods based on what she's taught me about nutrition and maintaining a balanced diet. I also feel much more confident that I'm getting the nutrients I need through both my diet and through the supplements that Kayla has helped me select. I also find that I'm motivated to eat cleaner, more balanced meals and stick with the dietary changes I'm making since Kayla is there to hold me accountable. My gut issues have significantly improved since we began working together and my menstrual pain is trending in the right direction.

– Amy B.

I worked with Kayla for over eight months. She was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and caring. If you are looking for some added support for nutrition and someone who really cares as you go through the challenges of fertility, I strongly recommend Kayla.

– Laurel N.

Lactation Consultations

Kayla is simply amazing. It's no secret that breastfeeding is no walk in the park, especially when you're attempting it for the first time. My breastfeeding journey with my son has been a rollercoaster, full of struggles and crying - second guessing my abilities and my supply. I was about to give up altogether and was feeling so defeated when I found Kayla. She was so understanding and kind when I reached out for help. Her help in the comfort of my own home was so incredibly helpful, and left me with a new found confidence in myself and the fact that I could give my son what he needed. I highly recommend her services to any mother, struggling or not! If what you are looking for is guidance and support, then Kayla is what you need!

– Sarah R.

Kayla is so extremely knowledgeable when it comes to breastfeeding and nutrition. She also has an incredible passion for helping moms. I’m so grateful to have found her!!

– Lauren P.

Kayla was so helpful! It's hard as a first time mother to know what to ask, but Kayla thoroughly provided me all the information I needed and more! She also responded immediately which I appreciate when I'm working on a newborn's schedule! I highly recommend Kayla and Nourished Mothers for any new moms (or anybody in general, for that matter!). Thank you, Kayla!

– Karissa B.

I found Kayla through a recommendation after my daughter's tongue tie got released. Kayla was very knowledgeable about mouth exercises to strengthen her suck and help with sensory input post-surgery. Then, my little one was diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy and I made another appointment with Kayla who helped me make sure I was getting the proper nutrients while breastfeeding and eliminating foods my baby was reacting to. She has been so helpful on my difficult breastfeeding journey. I highly recommend her!

– Valerie J.

Kayla has been so helpful during my breastfeeding journey. She is patient, kind, and knowledgeable. Having Kayla come to my home for 2 visits helped me immensely and being able to reach out to her WHENEVER I have questions has made me feel supported. I highly recommend Kayla!

– Ronda B.

I wanted to say thank you to Kayla for the success of my son and I's breastfeeding journey! We are now 10 months in and no stopping in sight! I hired her when my son was barley a few days old. Kayla was so kind and treated us with respect and patience! We appreciate you! 10/10 recommend

– Madison S.

After a month or so of struggling with breastfeeding, my birth doula recommended Kayla from Nourished Mothers. I’m so glad I called, the personalized session with Kayla was informative and guided my future journey. She’s kind, patient, and made me feel comfortable almost instantly. I just reached six months of breastfeeding and throughout my journey, Kayla has always been there to answer questions or provide suggestions, tips, and support. I highly recommend her if you are preparing to breastfeed or need postpartum support from an IBCLC!

– Eden W.

Kayla was very kind and thoughtful when I met with her. It was clear she'd done a lot of prep work to be able to provide the best care possible to me. She put me at ease, and I truly felt I could reach out to her for any ongoing issues - which I did at the conclusion of my breastfeeding journey and again she gave me kind, thoughtful care that helped ease me through the transition. I HIGHLY recommend her!

– Kate S.

Kayla was absolutely amazing. I posted in a local breastfeeding group and within thirty minutes I had an appointment with her the very next day! As soon as she arrived, it was like speaking to an old friend, and she was wonderful at putting my mind at ease and making me feel comfortable - which is important when someone is examining your breasts and your newborn! We got to the bottom of our breastfeeding troubles, and all of my concerns were addressed, and she gave me great resources to pursue. She also followed up via text the next couple of days to make sure we were doing well! I highly recommend her!!

– Kei E.

Kayla’s service of coming to your house is SO nice! Not having to leave the house with an infant is great. She comes to you totally prepared. She is super knowledgeable and follows up with appointment notes which is very appreciated when you have forgetful mom brain! We saw Kayla a second time after our daughter was fitted to the Pavlik Harness and breastfeeding became awkward. Kayla helped us try new positions to keep both baby and mom comfortable while nursing. It was a very beneficial visit once again!!

– Nicole D.

Kayla was very professional and informative. I was very stressed and nervous that I was going to fail at breastfeeding again and she calmed my nerves by teaching me how to handle the ins and outs of breastfeeding. I was in pain and she recommended some amazing tips to help treat and prevent that cause of it. Super friendly and I will be forever grateful for what she did to help me.

– Amanda M.

I hired Kayla at the recommendation of my birth doula, and I'm so glad I did! She's been there throughout my breastfeeding journey and was sensitive and compassionate about my concerns. She responds quickly to messages and has been able to squeeze me in for urgent sessions. Plus, she's a registered dietitian and offers sound nutrition advice for the postpartum/lactation period. Thank you Kayla!

– Chenin N.

The first two weeks of breastfeeding were so challenging. I had so many questions and concerns as I was going. My little girl was born early, and had troubles establishing my supply since she was so sleepy to eat all the time. I was incredibly thankful to Kayla who helped ease my anxiety over breastfeeding struggles tremendously. Kayla responded very quickly to all of my questions and messages and was extremely thorough in her explanations. Breastfeeding my daughter went so much more smoothly and easily with Kayla's help. Working with Kayla was an incredible blessing and an amazing experience.

– Ciara S.

Loved working with Kayla. She really gave me the time of day and I knew she cared about me and wanted to get me feeling better. She fit me in as soon as she could when I had mastitis. She was thorough and gentle in teaching me techniques and was sure I understood before rushing in to the next step. Loved how much time she was willing to spend on and with me. I so appreciated the follow up texts from her when she checked in to make sure I was staying true to my care plan. Kayla is just who you need, mama. You are fortunate if you’ve found her!

– Jessica C.

Kayla provided me a huge amount of support during my breastfeeding adventures. She gave me helpful advice when I wanted to give up, she encouraged me and no question was brushed off. I felt stupid with some of my questions, but her kind heart and nurtured soul came through with her responses, putting me at ease. I highly recommend her in your own breastfeeding adventures.

– Kimberly T.

Kayla was so wonderful. She was able to help me determine that my milk wouldn’t come in due to a health problem. We did a weighted feed and found my babe wasn’t getting anything over a week after birth. She was so kind and gave me the courage to move forward and feed my baby another way! What a blessing.

– Naomi P.

I had a great experience working with Kayla right (like, a few days) after having my first child. Kayla was willing to visit in our home, and we felt safe with her even though it was in the midst of the pandemic (May '20). She thoughtfully checked in with us via text and was available months later when I ran into supply issues. I would highly recommend Kayla for anyone who is struggling with breastfeeding, or even just feeling unsure. Meet with her sooner rather than later - if it is something you can afford and/or your insurance covers it, you will NOT regret it. Those first few weeks are so tough, and having a trained lactation consultant to check in with is just such a lifeline. In fact, if I had it to do over again, and I was giving birth in a community setting, I'd just book an appointment ahead of time!

– Madeline W.

Kayla is very professional and responsive. She helped me with the breastfeeding techniques and my baby latch. She is very caring. Followed up few times after our session to check on my baby and our breastfeeding journey. She was very punctual and informative. Definitely recommend her.

– Yasaman P.

I have the privilege of knowing Kayla as a personal friend and when I needed some help and guidance with some breastfeeding concerns Kayla was the one I knew I could turn to. She was so helpful, professional, and thorough when she came to my home to help me understand what was going on. She was able to help catch some problematic factors early, which saved both my baby and I from further discomfort. I’m so grateful to Kayla for all of her help. Additionally, Kayla coordinated with our pediatrician and my doctor the same day so we could both get the appropriate care we needed. As another healthcare professional, I am so appreciative of when other healthcare workers collaborate with a client’s wellness team! If you have questions or uncertainties about something with breastfeeding don’t hesitate to reach out to Kayla! She will help bring so much clarity and help ease your mind of any questions or concerns you have.

– Amy M.

Kayla was amazing! It was an awesome experience for her to come to my home and assist me in assessing mine and my little’s breastfeeding journey! She gave me tips, tricks and advise and was very thorough. I would highly recommend her services!

– Jessica S.

Kayla was extremely caring, supportive, and helpful with breastfeeding following my child's lip and tongue tie revisions. She was able to assess my child's ability to nurse after the revisions and provide support with a low supply. Having this support in your home with an infant is also amazing! Kayla was always quick to respond to all communication and was helpful in submitting receipts to insurance for reimbursement. I'm so glad I was given her information and she was able to help us continue and prolong what I though may have been a short breastfeeding journey!

– Keely H.

She was great. Love that she comes to you. She even went out of her way to help me with an extra step with my insurance.

– Mandy U.

Baby Led Feeding Course

I loved that this workshop is full of information to help understand babies development as baby grows and safe ways to let baby explore and learn through meal times together as a family.

– Jessica V.

We really enjoyed the workshop! It felt great to get comprehensive information about BLW that we could trust, rather than the conflicting info I found when searching online. I loved that we could take the class from the comfort of our living room, but that it still had the interactivity and resources of an in-person workshop.

– Stephanie S.

I appreciated Kayla’s expertise as a nutritionist and mom who has done BLW. I was feeling overwhelmed about introducing solids but after the workshop I feel confident and even excited. I had heard so much conflicting information about starting solids and Kayla cleared it all up.

– Hannah S.

I really enjoyed this workshop that Kayla provided! It was so easy to do online and I learned all the information I needed to start BLW. I also loved the recipes provided to give me some ideas to start with.

– Julia V.

This information will help me offer my baby a variety of foods so she doesn't get bored and also let baby do the leading instead of me putting the food in her mouth.

– Allie P.

Kayla is such an amazing resource and extremely knowledgeable with babies and eating. Her online class was so helpful in learning how to do baby led weaning with ease and fun!

– Ciara S.

Makes me more at ease and willing to do it with my third baby and hoping this helps with being less picky than my first two!

– Thabata S.

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