Postpartum Nutrition

Gain insights and practices for a healthy mother and baby
“Mothers cannot give from a depleted source. Every mother needs emotional, mental, physical and spiritual validation, nourishment and support. When a mother is respected and well cared for, she, and her whole family, will benefit.”
A Mother's Principle

Postpartum Nutrition Coaching

The postpartum period is a time of recovery and revival, full of new challenges and discoveries. It is a time when mothers are trying to balance caring for their new babies with managing their own needs, including recovering from a physically exhausting and sometimes traumatic birth experience, getting enough sleep, losing the “baby weight”, and for some, returning to work too soon. It can be hard to make healthy food choices, let alone find the time to eat when we don’t have the support of others. The well-known saying “it takes a village…” definitely applies here.

I am here to give you the tools you need to eat well during this time, so you can feel your best for you and your little one. My Postpartum Nutrition Consulting focuses on meal planning (and prepping) as well as choosing foods that will help nourish your body during the initial postpartum period and beyond. If you are breastfeeding, we will talk about how to make the most of your food choices as your nutrient needs are higher to support both you and your growing newborn.

Benefits of working with Kayla



Shift your mindset to empower new and positive beliefs you have about yourself and your health.



Fuel necessary changes to your current lifestyle using the support of scientific research.



Master skills necessary for maintaining the changes you’ve made so that you can reach your long-term goals.

The time period after giving birth continues to be an important time for both mother and baby. Contact me today and let’s discuss how I can support you during this journey.